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Sight words!

Room 104 has been working hard on our sight words!  Today each student is bringing home a baggie with their name on it that has sight words in it.  Please practice these sight words with your child.  Along with the practice they get here at school with these sights words they will master them quickly.  Please keep the baggie at home and look for more to come home as they master new levels.     

Book fair buy day AND Show and Tell Day!!!

Wednesday, November 7 we will be celebrating wonderful Room 104!!!  We will be having our show and tell day.  Your kiddos have made their goal of 15 stars for positive classroom behavior.  They earned the goal of bringing in one show and tell item that must fit in their backpack.  YEAH!!! 

Also, if you are interested in  purchasing books through the book fair, tomorrow is our book fair buy day for our classroom. Please send money in with your child if you plan to let them purchase during our buy time.  Please indicate on their wish list sheets if they are able to spend change or if you would like it returned home. 

Thank you,  Mrs. Stutz

A Shower for Mrs. Woodring

You are all cordially invited to a welcome home shower for Mrs. Woodring.  Come help us celebrate the new arrival of her son Oliver.  We will be “showering” Mrs. Woodring on  Monday, Nov. 12 at 3:00 p.m.  

Feel free to join us.

*The class has already donated money for a gift to Mrs. Woodring.  Drinks and treats will be provided. 

Conference Schedule

Mrs. Stutz’s Conference Schedule:

Monday, Nov. 8

4:45  Alivia Anderson

5:00  Diego Hill

5:15  Eli Sytsma

5:30  Ava Ford

5:45  Kamryn Brewer

6:00  Nora Klein

6:15  Isaac Pontier

7:00  Jack Zuiderveen

7:15  Lilly Sydow

Wednesday, Nov. 7

4:30  Aiden Middendorf

4:45  Justin Schipper

5:00  Taelynn Hatfield

5:15  Caleb Denhof

5:30  Logan Randall

5:45  Jordan Warner

6:00  Evelyn VanTol

6:30 Laney Anderson

6:45  Avery Glass

Thursday, Nov. 8

4:15  Nicholas DeYoung

4:30  Mason DeYoung

4:45  Sofia Delinck

5:00  Teresa Wortman

5:15  Emma Dale

Stuffed Animal Day

Room 104 has earned a stuffed animal day!!!  Our first graders have worked together as a class to earn 5 stars toward a special day.  This is part of our behavior management that encourages our students to work together.  Your first grader may bring one stuffed animal to school on Tuesday, Oct. 2.  The stuffed animal must be able to fit inside a backpack to travel to and from school.  Way to go Room 104!!!