Week 16!

December 3-14 – Candy Cane Sale

December 13 – Dress Rehearsal @ Fair Haven Church

We will ride over to Fair Haven Church on busses in the late morning to practice for our program with all the first graders and second graders that will be performing with our class.

December 13 – Holiday Program @ 6:30

The first graders should arrive @ 6:15.  There will be signs showing you were to drop off your child.  Please see Mrs. Reagan’s post for more details!  Click here –> Holiday Program

December 13 – Jet’s Pizza Night

December 14 – Library Day

 December 14 – Early Release Day

Students are dismissed from school at 12:15.  (Sack lunches can be ordered through Food Service and will be sent home with your child.  Please make sure your child knows if he or she needs to order a sack lunch.  Feel free to send me an e-mail to let me know.)

Reading Update!

This week, we reviewed our strategies for figuring out longer and trickier words. We focused on breaking apart long words and using what we know about the smaller parts to figure out the tricky word. We also paid close attention to the beginning of words, particularly for letters that go together, like blends (fl, dr, sm) or digraphs (th, sh, ch).

Then, we focused on breaking the ending off a word and focused on figuring out the root word before adding the ending back on (ed, ing, s). And then, we also spent time looking at vowel teams and what is making those long vowel sounds. We focused in on some high frequency vowel teams (ee, ea, ai, ou, oo, oa).

Writing Update!

We continued in our Persuasive Writing Unit. We reviewed how persuasive letters had to do with things that were important to us and that helped make our home, neighborhood, or school a better place.

Next, we learned that persuasive letters try to make someone agree with our opinion. We stated our opinions in our letter using the “I think….” sentence starter. When we state our opinion, it becomes clear what we want the other person to think as well.

We then realized that it is important to think about our audience for our letters. If there is something we want to change in our home, then the best audience for our letter is probably someone at home, not at school.

We also talked about giving good reasons in our letters. Just saying that we really want something is not good enough! We need to share with our audience why it is important to us. We also discussed mini-moment reasons. These are little stories where we share a time when we saw the problem in our own lives. After our mini-moments, we also discussed how we need to add a solution to our letter. This is how we are going to help fix the problem.

We will continue to send home letters throughout the next week or so, you might receive a letter from your first grader. I encourage you to write them back! If you do, send it along with your child’s letter back to school. We would love to share responses we get with the class!

I also ask that if you receive a letter, make sure they are working for what they ask for! Don’t just let a “please please please” letter convince you. Look for a letter that gives good reasons and ideas before agreeing to what they ask for and a solution of how they can help make this happen. Don’t worry – I also warned them that it is likely that you might not agree with their request! :)

These letters are so fun to read – first graders sure are creative! Thank you for your help in making this process so fun for these first graders!

Math Update!

Our first graders worked hard this week to prepare for our upcoming assessment.  We spent our math time solving addition (missing total & missing partner) and subtraction stories using the great strategies that we’ve learned during this unit.

To support your child at home, please encourage him or her to always PROVE THEIR ANSWER when solving a story.  We have taught our first graders to listen to a story and make an EQUATION that matches the story.  Then we ask them to use a math mountain to solve the equation.  This is demonstrated below:


Week 15!

Our annual Candy Cane Sale to raise money for fifth grade camp starts up this week.  If your child is interested in purchasing a candy cane, send in $1.00.  Candy canes will be passed out at the end of each day.

December 3 -14 – Candy Cane Sale

December 4 – Penguin Patch Holiday Shop

We will head down to shop in the afternoon.  If your child is going shopping, please send your child’s money enclosed in the Holiday Gift Shop envelope. (If you are making out a check, please make it payable to Georgetown PTC.)  Make sure to fill out the information about who your child will be shopping for and how much to spend on each person.  Thank you!

December 7 – Library Day

Reading Update!

This week, we received notice from the SUPER SECRET DETECTIVE AGENCY that our first graders had earned a STAR for their badges because of all their hard work with snap words. They sent us off with a new mission of figuring out longer and trickier words. We focused on breaking apart long words and using what we know about the smaller parts to figure out the tricky word. We also paid close attention to the beginning of words, particularly for letters that go together, like blends (fl, dr, sm) or digraphs (th, sh, ch).

Writing Update!

We spent time immersing the students with books that model persuasive letter writing. We read some books featuring a homeless dog who tried to persuade people to adopt him. We also read some books about a little boy who is trying to persuade his parents to get him a pet iguana, a new bedroom, and to come home from vacation so he can leave his grandparents’ house. All these books are written with such humor, that they kept us laughing all week. We used these books as a reference as we moved into our persuasive letter writing unit.

The kids noticed that the letters in the books had some things in common. One thing we noticed about persuasive letters was that the best letters had to do with things that were important to us and that helped make our home, neighborhood, or school a better place. We brainstormed some ways we could help make our school a better place to learn. We will keep adding to this list each day.

Math Update!

This week, we continued to work on missing partner and missing total equations and stories. We started each day off with a review of equations and the kids have grown in their ability to recognize addition or subtraction and then label the equation with the matching secret code (P + P = T or T – P = P). If you notice your child knowing the answer right off the bat, encourage them to write the answer in right away, BUT then they need to go back and check that their answer is correct by labeling the secret code, drawing the math mountain, and placing their TOTAL at the top. This will help to reinforce how important it is to check their answer and make sure it makes sense (and help eliminate silly mistakes).

  1. Circling the numbers in the story
  2. Listening to see if the story is subtraction or addition
  3. Writing the secret code that matches the story (T-P=P or P+P=T)
  4. Adding the numbers to the equation
  5. Drawing the math mountain
  6. Putting the total at the top
  7. Clapping and counting ON or UP to solve for the missing number

Week 14!

I hope that your Thanksgiving weekend was filled with family, fun, food, and a little relaxation too.  I had so much fun with my kiddos, caught up on a bunch of household chores, and had fun decorating for the holidays!  Get ready – these next four weeks will be jam-packed with winter fun!!!

November 26 – NO HOMEWORK DUE

We did not send home a homework this past week due to the Thanksgiving holiday. The homework being sent home on Monday lists the due date as November 25 – this is incorrect.  Plan on December 3 for the due date.

November 30 – Library Day

November 30 – Popcorn Day

Stay safe on the roads!!!  It looks like we’ll have a few inches of snow in the morning!