Reading Update!

This week, we began readers’ workshop.  This is such a wonderful time in our classroom.  We have enjoyed reading some great stories together and we have started building the foundation of our independent reading time.  Readers get better at reading by practicing, so we focused this week on building their independence for reading by themselves (read to self time).  We are working together to figure out the best routines that will help us be successful during this time.  So far we have the following:

  Just like great readers do, the kids have learned how to pick books that interest them and are  ‘Just Right’ for them.  We used the three strikes approach.  The students pick a book and then open to any page.  They read one page and every time they come to a word they don’t know, they would put one of their fingers up.  If they get to three fingers up, then that’s three strikes and that book is too tricky.  If they have fewer than three fingers up, then the book is ‘Just Right!’  It has also been fun to see their confidence and enthusiasm build with their independent reading time as we practice picking out and reading books each day.

A Bug & A Wish!

During our Morning Meeting yesterday, we learned to stand up for ourselves when someone is being mean.  Often there are times when a friend (or sibling!) does something that bothers us and this is a great way to practice using our kind words and being polite.  First we tell them: “Stop” or “I don’t like that.”  Then, we give them, “A Bug and a Wish”.  For example,  “STOP!!” “It bugs me when you hog the football around and I wish you would please share with me.”  This allows the kids to communicate with each other and work on their problem solving skills.

In your child’s blue folder tonight, you will find “A Bug & A Wish” wand that you can make at home together.  Simply cut it out, and glue the pieces together back-to-back (or glue each piece to a popsicle stick.)  Your child may keep this wand at home to practice using this strategy with their brothers, sisters, and friends!

Meet George!

You might have come across a page labeled Georgetown Recess Rules, with a stick person right in the middle, when looking through your child’s blue homework folder tonight.

This is George! 🙂

George taught us about the recess rules at Georgetown Elementary on Monday! 🙂

Please take some time to look over this page and keep it as a reminder for your child throughout the year.  Also, if you have some extra time please read through our Lunch, Recess & Toys note.  This page should be able to answer any other questions that you may have about our lunch and recess times.

Week 2!

What an AWESOME first week of school!!!  The weather was PERFECT and we had FUN in our classroom and outside.  We are beginning to learn our routines for reading, writing, and math and procedures for moving around our classroom and using supplies.  I have enjoyed getting to know your sweet children better and am very excited for a GREAT year!!!

 We were busy, busy, but I did manage to capture a few pictures of our first grade fun.  I shared those photos with you through a photo sharing stream that was sent to your e-mail.  If you were unable to open the photo stream, I have a website link that you can visit instead (email me for this link).  I love taking pictures of your sweeties, and I will continue to add photos to this photo stream throughout the rest of the school year.  Bookmark this page and enjoy!!!

September 4 – Labor Day: No School

First Grade Information

Now that our first three days of school are complete, you may have some questions about our classroom procedures.  I have attached a First Grade Brochure  with information to answer common questions that parents have at the beginning of the year.  Please take the time to read it over, and also check out all of the links under our FIRST GRADE INFO page at the top of our blog.  These two resources will be a helpful place to find answers about first grade throughout year!

First Grade Brochure – 2017

Highlighting Behavior

We love to incorporate a sense of teamwork into our first grade classrooms and we do that with behavior. This year, will keep track of our class behavior throughout the day on a rainbow chart.  When we notice that the class as a whole is being great listeners, making great choices, etc. we will move the clip up.  For poor choices, we will move the clip down.  If the class clip ends on green (Ready to Learn), the class earns a point/star toward a class reward.  If they move beyond green (blue, purple, pink), they will earn bonus points/stars.  If they end below green (yellow, orange, red), they will lose stars toward their class goal.  As a class, we will vote on a prize to set as our reward when we have reached the goal point/star level.

Individually, we will be working hard on life skills this year through our mind up curriculum, character traits lessons, and citizenship unit.  If your child is doing well in a certain life skill area, we want you to celebrate his or her success and will send home a note to alert you.  If your child is struggling with a rule or life skill, a note will be sent home to encourage you to discuss and practice these life skills at home.

Week 1!

It’s our first week of school!!!  Check out the important dates below:

August 29 – First Day of School

September 1-4 – Labor Day Break: No School

Every Sunday, I will post the important events, assessments, and more that are coming up later in the week.  Plan to check back here for a quick glance at our plans.  I will also post curriculum updates weekly, so you can stay in the loop on our learning.

I am so excited for our first day tomorrow.  I’ve been busy getting ready for some fun activities to start our day with!!!  Don’t forget to send your child to school with his/her blue folder, two snacks, water bottle, lunch (or lunch choice) and gym shoes (if you did not bring them to the open house).  We have PE as our special the second day of school.

Parent Survey!

First Grade Families,

Happy August!  I am so, incredibly EXCITED to learn more about my new first graders!!!  I’ve spent many summer evenings getting the classroom organized and ready for our new school year to begin.

I would love your help to get ready for this upcoming year too!  Below I’ve included a link to a parent survey for you to fill out:

All About Your First Grader – Parent Survey

All responses will be kept confidential and will help to prepare myself and our classroom for the first day of school.

Thanks so much & see you soon!


Box Tops & Coke Caps!


Did you know that every BOXTOP and every COKE CAP collected earns money for our school?   This summer we would like you to work hard to collect both.  The money we earn will go toward a basketball hoop on our K/1 playground!

BOXTOPS:  Every completed BOXTOP sheet is worth $5.00.  If every child from Georgetown (approx 550) fills  one sheet this summer, our school will earn $2,750.   Many thanks to Lori Simpson and all of you who are on her team of BOX TOP counters, trimmers and packers.  This is a great program that pays off because of all of YOU!     Download your form here:  Summer Box Tops

COKE CAPS:  Super easy. Save the caps and go online to enter collection!  COKE WEBSITE  (   Select Georgetown Elementary and enter the code on the cap.   Now you can recycle the cap.  No need to send it to school.

Moby Max Summer Learning!

Keep On Learning With Reading & Mobymax

Dear Parents,

Studies have shown that students can lose up to 50% of learning during the summer vacation.   Georgetown is challenging you and your child to “KEEP ON LEARNING” this summer to prevent summer slide.  There are two ways to record your learning time:

  • Reading:  Log into  this form  to record the number of minutes you read.  You can record each day or enter the total for each week.
  • MOBYMAX Math and Reading:  We recommend that each child consistently use MobyMax each week in the core areas of reading and mathematics. If interested, you can also choose to work on other learning modules.  Spending just a few minutes each day on Mobymax will help to reduce  “summer slide” and keep your child’s learning skills fresh over the summer.

Our goals for students over the summer are below. Students who reach or exceed goals will be entered in a drawing for an Amazon Gift Card (1 per grade). This is for their grade next year.

Reading Minutes Mobymax
  • First Grade: 100 minutes
  • Second Grade: 200 minutes
  • Third Grade: 300 minutes
  • Fourth Grade: 400 minutes
  • Fifth Grade:  400 minutes
  • First Grade: 100 pts
  • Second Grade: 200 pts
  • Third Grade: 300 pts
  • Fourth Grade: 400 pts
  • Fifth Grade:  500 pts

If you’d like to be part of Georgetown’s challenge to “Keep On Learning” please follow the instructions below.  If your child is new to the school and you would like login information, email Mrs. Reagan.

Have a great summer…and keep on learning with READING and MOBYMAX!