We believe strongly that learning takes place both at home and at school, which is why we value the time that your child is able to spend learning and practicing at home with you.  Please plan to assist your child with homework in the following areas throughout the school year.

Each Monday a homework packet will be sent home for the week, to be returned to school the following Monday. This allows a little wiggle room for busy families to get homework completed.

*However, there will be 15 minutes of nightly reading assigned to support your growing reader. Please, structure this into your nightly routine. Once we have finished our reading assessments, we will start sending home a take home book that is at your child’s reading level each night for you to include in your 15 minutes of reading.

**In October, we will start working with students on math fact fluency and we will encourage you to work 5 minutes of online math fact fluency into your weekly homework routine.