Celebrating Your Child

Each child has unique gifts and talents to share with our class. As we learn more about your child, our class grows as a community! Listed below are just a few ways that your child will be celebrated this year:

All About Me: Each child will be assigned a week to be on display on a bulletin board in our classroom. Before your child’s special week, a note will be sent home explaining what to do! Our All About Me board helps the rest of the class learn about your child’s family, hobbies, likes and dislikes! Your child can share pictures with the rest of the class too!

Star of the Day: At the end of each day, a new “Star of the Day” will be chosen. This lucky child has many special jobs that he or she will complete the following day. One of these jobs is picking out a magic word to be used throughout the day. Later in the year, the star of the day will create an acronym for the rest of the class to figure out!

Birthday Celebration: To honor your child on their special day, we will spend time in our classroom singing Happy Birthday, sharing compliments, and creating a class book for your child to keep. More details about your child’s birthday celebration can be found if you click on the Birthday Celebrations link on our blog!