With our clip chart this year, your child will keep track of their behavior throughout the day on the following chart. They will all start the day at the Ready to Learn section and have the ability to move up and down throughout the day depending on their behavior. At the end of each day, their behavior will be communicated to you on their daily news paper in their homework folder. The students will color in the part of the chart where they ended the day to let you know how their day went.

We love to incorporate a sense of teamwork into our first grade classrooms and we do that with behavior. To encourage good team choices, we have a special clip labeled ROOM 104. And when we notice that the class as a whole is being great listeners, making great choices, etc. we will move the clip up. For poor choices, we will move the clip down. If the class clip ends on green (Ready to Learn), the class earns a point/star toward a class reward. If they move beyond green (blue, purple, pink), they will earn bonus points/stars. If they end below green (yellow, orange, red), they will lose stars toward their class goal. As a class, we will vote on a reward to set as our reward when we have reached the goal point/star level.

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