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Week 24!

What a fun Valentine’s Day celebration!!  The kids had a blast passing out their valentines and loved decorating their bags, too.  If you haven’t checked out our photo stream, please do.

February 21 – Jet’s Pizza Night

February 22 – Spelling Assessment

We will assess our most recent words: be, this, from, I, have, or, by, one, had, not

February 22 – Popcorn Day

February 22 – Library Day

Week 23!

Just a friendly reminder, if you have not already, please send your child’s valentines to school soon.  We will be passing them out on Friday along with some fun drawing, crafting, games, and snacks.  Be sure to check out our photo steam to see all the fun – just send me an e-mail if you need the link again!

February 12 – Valentines Due

February 15 – Library Day

February 15 – Valentine’s Day Fun!!!

*** Our homework packet for the week has the wrong dates listed.  (This is the packet that was originally going home the week of all the SNOW DAYS.)  Plan to send the completed packet back to school on February 18. ***

Week 21!

It looks like a very snowy week of weather ahead with some FREEZING cold temps! Remember to send your child to school with all their winter weather gear and maybe a sweatshirt in case they get cold in the classroom.

February 1 – Library Day

February 1 – Early Release Day

Students are dismissed from school at 12:15.  (Sack lunches can be ordered through Food Service and will be sent home with your child.  Please make sure your child knows if he or she needs to order a sack lunch.  Feel free to e-mail me to let me know.)

February 2 – Groundhogs Day

February 4 & 5 – NO SCHOOL: Mid-Winter Break

Have fun working on your valentines!!!  Winter Break is the perfect time to get this job done! 🙂  When you finish, please send your child’s valentines into school in a bag labeled with your child’s name.  I can store them here so they are ready for Valentine’s Day.

Also, look for an e-mail later this week about our Zoo Field Trip in May. We were able to secure a date in the spring: Monday, May 20.  We would love to have you join us!!


Week 20!

It’s going to be a cold one tomorrow! Don’t forget to send in your child’s labeled winter gear to school and remind them to put on the snow pants for recess.  Winter is back!!!

January 21 – MLK Jr. Day

January 25 – Library Day

January 25 – Popcorn Day

Week 19!

We had a great 4.5 days back at school and have loved the lack of snow on the playground – we can get outside so quickly!!! Here’s to another great week!!!

January 17 – PTC Meeting @ 6:30

January 18 – Library Day

Week 18!

Welcome back, first grade families!!  I hope that everyone had a wonderful break!!  I am looking forward to seeing your first grader’s smiling face tomorrow.  🙂 🙂 🙂   I also can’t wait to hear about your favorite adventures over break and share some of the fun that our family had, too.  We will be reviewing a lot of routines tomorrow, begin studying nonfiction books, get new reading spots, and new desk seats!!!  Bring on the learning!!!

January 7 – Welcome Back!!!

January 10 – Jet’s Pizza Night

January 11 – Library Day

January 11 – Early Release Day

Students are dismissed from school at 12:15.  Sack lunches can be ordered through Food Service and will be sent home with your child.  Please make sure your child knows if he or she needs to order a sack lunch.  Feel free to send me an e-mail so I know to order a lunch for your child.

A few reminders:

Library: Our check out day is on Friday. Please help your first grader find his/her library book and make sure that it is returned to school. Right now, our class can check out any books from the picture book section, nonfiction section, and chapter books now too. These books are just for fun and can be read with your child.

Snacks: We eat snacks throughout the day. Please send in two healthy snacks so that your child stays fueled for learning.  Don’t forget a water bottle, too!

Recess: We go outside for a lunchtime and end of the day recess every day unless it is raining or the “feels like” temperature is below zero degrees. Please send your child to school with boots, hats, gloves, snow pants, and coats every day. Even if there isn’t snow on the ground, spending 30 minutes outside can get really chilly.

Sweatshirts: Our classroom can be on the chilly side so if your child would like to bring a sweatshirt to keep in their locker or on the back of their chair, that would be no problem!

Transportation Changes: If your child will be leaving school a different way than normal or if your child will be leaving early for an appointment, be sure to send a note in his or her blue folder or call the office to let us know of the changes before 3:00 pm.

Take Home Books:  Remember to return your child’s take home book back to school each day, so he or she can choose a new one to bring home.  The kids take care of this job each morning.  If you notice that your child isn’t bringing a new book home, send me an e-mail and I can send home a new bag.

Week 17!

What an amazing Holiday Program this past week!!!!  The kids sure did sparkle and shine up front.  A big thank you goes out to Mrs. Bretz and our first graders who practiced tirelessly to perform our wonderful songs!!!

December 19-20 – Math Assessment

December 20-21 – Holiday Fun Activities

We will enjoy crafts, games, snacks, and even a movie throughout the day on Thursday and Friday.  Shhhhh!!  These activities are a surprise – don’t tell your first grader!!!

December 21 – Writing Celebration

December 21 – Popcorn Day

December 21 – Library Day

December 22 – January 6 – Holiday Break: No School

The homework packet coming home this week is completely optional, but it does contain some ideas for learning at home over our Holiday Break.

Week 16!

December 3-14 – Candy Cane Sale

December 13 – Dress Rehearsal @ Fair Haven Church

We will ride over to Fair Haven Church on busses in the late morning to practice for our program with all the first graders and second graders that will be performing with our class.

December 13 – Holiday Program @ 6:30

The first graders should arrive @ 6:15.  There will be signs showing you were to drop off your child.  Please see Mrs. Reagan’s post for more details!  Click here –> Holiday Program

December 13 – Jet’s Pizza Night

December 14 – Library Day

 December 14 – Early Release Day

Students are dismissed from school at 12:15.  (Sack lunches can be ordered through Food Service and will be sent home with your child.  Please make sure your child knows if he or she needs to order a sack lunch.  Feel free to send me an e-mail to let me know.)

Week 15!

Our annual Candy Cane Sale to raise money for fifth grade camp starts up this week.  If your child is interested in purchasing a candy cane, send in $1.00.  Candy canes will be passed out at the end of each day.

December 3 -14 – Candy Cane Sale

December 4 – Penguin Patch Holiday Shop

We will head down to shop in the afternoon.  If your child is going shopping, please send your child’s money enclosed in the Holiday Gift Shop envelope. (If you are making out a check, please make it payable to Georgetown PTC.)  Make sure to fill out the information about who your child will be shopping for and how much to spend on each person.  Thank you!

December 7 – Library Day