Social Studies Update!

We started our Economics unit for social studies today.  The first things we learned were needs and wants.  A need is something we can’t live with out, a want is something that makes life more fun.  🙂

The kids know that we have 5 needs:

foodwatershelterclothes, air

We also talked about goods and services.  A good is something you buy that you can hold or touch, and a service is something that someone else does for you.  The kids did a great job of brainstorming different kinds of services- mailmen, waiters, policemen, teachers, and dentists.

We turned our room into a factory this afternoon to talk about producers and consumers.  We learned that we are all consumers (use, buy, & eat things) and we learned that producers make things.  We all became producers within Factory 104 and made a product to show off to the class.

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