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Week 25!

What an AMAZING week of weather!!!  We tried to take advantage of it and get outside for some extra recess time to get our bodies moving.  Hearing the birds chirp and soaking in the sunshine made it feel like spring.  We begin so many fun science units in April & May.  We are getting eager for the nice weather to stick around!!

March 1 – Library Day

March 3 – Popcorn Day

March 3 – Spelling Review Assessment

Thank you to the many parents that have signed up to chaperone at our zoo field trip.  I will send out more information and reminders in April & May.  If you would still like to help out with a group, just send me an e-mail.

Please review our 35 “no excuse” spelling words with your first grader.  On Friday, I will assess each child over all the words we’ve learned this year.  If you are looking for some fun ways to practice here are a few: play dough, pipe cleaners, yarn, puffy paint, sand, stamps, finger paint, shaving cream… check out this link for more ideas: 60 Ways to Practice Spelling Words.

Here is a list of all 35 spelling words that we’ve covered this year:  FIRST GRADE CORE WORDS

Reading Update!

This week, we focused on long vowel sounds. We focused on four vowel teams that usually follow the rule: Two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking. It says its name.


We found these vowel teams in tricky words, focused on the first vowel’s name, and stretched out the sounds to decode the words.  We also went on a hunt through our books to find words that had these vowel teams and sorted them as a group.  We found the occasional ‘oddball’ word that doesn’t follow the rule, but our first graders are on the lookout for these vowel teams and recognize that the vowel team will most likely say the first vowel’s name.

Writing Update!

In Writer’s Workshop we have been adding leads and endings to our stories.

Our leads are our way to hook our readers into our stories. We can use weather, season, and time of day to get the reader’s attention.

Example: “One hot summer morning, we went swimming in the pool.” 

Our endings wrap up our stories and signal to the reader that our story is finished. We noticed that authors we were reading added their big idea or  heart of the story (lesson we can learn) at the end. We worked on wrapping up our stories like our mentor authors by using sentence starters like I really like… or … is so much fun.

Example: “I am so thankful that I don’t have to share a room with my little sister.”

Math Update!

During our math time this week, we continued to solve missing partner and missing total stories. We also stretched our thinking by using the Make a Ten strategy to solve equations and math stories with three addends or partners. After we looked for two partners that could make a ten, we found that adding the third partner to ten was a snap!

We are starting to work on counting and writing numbers up to 120. To help your first grader practice this skill, have him/her start at any 2 digit number and then count out loud to 120. This could be a great activity to do together in the car. As an extra challenge, you can even have your child write the numerals up to 120!

Week 24!

What a fun Valentine’s Day!!  The kids had a blast passing out their valentines and made some super cute crafts too.  I will update the photo stream tomorrow, so you can see some of the fun we had as we celebrated together.

February 21 – Spelling Assessment

February 22 – Library Day

February 25 – Father/Daughter Dance

Our Zoo Field Trip has been scheduled!  All the information can be found here –>  Zoo Field Trip.  if you are interested in chaperoning a group, please send me an e-mail I will add you to our list of volunteers.

Our Spring Parent Teacher Conferences have been scheduled for March 13, 14 & 15.  Check your e-mail for a message sent last week.  Please look over your scheduled time and send me an e-mail to confirm or reschedule.  Thank you!

Enjoy the sunshine!!  This weather is amazing!!

Reading Update!

This week we reviewed the different sounds a vowel can made (short, long, schwa).  We built a poster showing different sounds that vowels can make:

We will continue to practice these different vowel sounds throughout the next week as we focus in Flippy the Dolphin (one of our accuracy strategies) who reminds us that when we are stretching out a word, to try the short vowel sound first and if that doesn’t work, FLIP IT and try the long vowel sound, and then the schwa sound.

Math Update!

This week, we continued to work on addition and subtraction word problems. We mixed them together and challenged the kids to see if they could tell if the story was adding or taking away. They continue to be very successful when they stick to the following steps:

Writing Update!

In Writer’s Workshop, we worked on adding more details to our Small Moment stories. First, we talked about using our five senses to show not tell what we were feeling. Instead of saying “I was so happy”, we could say, “I was grinning from ear to ear”. Instead of “I was embarrassed”, we could write “My face turned red”. This gives the reader a much better picture in their mind as they read our stories.

We revisited what we learned about dialogue. Anything we heard or said can be added to our story to make it more detailed. We noticed that we used the word “said a lot – boring! There are many much more interesting words to use that just “said”! We created a list of words to use instead of said including…


Week 23!

We fit a lot of fun into four days of school last week: two half birthdays, popcorn day, and we made our bags for Valentines Day, too!!  If you have not already, please send your child’s valentines to school tomorrow.  We will be passing them out on Tuesday along with some fun drawing, crafting, games, and snacks.  Be sure to check out our photo steam – just send me an e-mail if you need the link again!

February 13 – Valentine’s Due at school

February 14 – Valentine’s Day

February 15 – Library Day

February 16 – Marco’s Pizza Night

Also, look for an e-mail tomorrow with our spring conference schedule.  I can’t wait to share more about your child’s amazing progress in first grade!!  🙂