Writing Update!

This week in writing we continued working on our How To’s! We worked on adding text features to our How To’s. This included using pictures that teach and labels to each of our pictures so that it was clear to the reader. Once we added our labels, we focused on adding a materials page. We used a sentence started “You will need…” to help us list everything that you would need for your How To.

We also worked on adding an introduction and conclusion to our How To. We used sentence starters for both of these areas to make our How To’s exciting to read. Check out our introduction, materials, and conclusion that we wrote as a class.

How to Eat an Oreo.


Have you ever had an Oreo? They are delicious! I will teach you how to eat an Oreo.


You will need a box of Oreos, small glass, milk, and a hungry tummy.


Now you know how to eat an oreo. I hope you liked your Oreo as much as I do!

First graders are coming up with really cool and detailed How To’s. Next week we will work on fixing up our How To’s and celebrating them!!

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