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Week 16!

December 19 – Library Day

December 19 – Writing Celebration

December 20 – Marco’s Pizza Night

December 21 – P.J. Day for all First Graders

December 19-21 – Holiday Fun Activities

Check the photo stream for picture updates this week!

Math Update!

This week, we took some time to review what the kids have learned since the beginning of first grade. We gave the kids an interim assessment that covers unit 1, 2, & 3. The kids have grown so much in their understanding of numbers, partners, and equations.

We will continue to move ahead with our next units of math that move into teen numbers and beyond (with equations and stories), but we plan to send home an overview of how each child performed on the interim assessment. Please look for that to come home and check to see if there are areas that your child might need to continue to get support. We will meet with any students who have not mastered any areas that were assessed and continue to practice with them. We appreciate any practice that you can do at home with your first grader. Thanks!

Writing Update!

This week, we continued to challenge the first graders to add all the parts of a good persuasive letter as they wrote each day. At the end of the week, we picked a few of their final letters to edit (to be a 5 star sentence) and revise (to make sure it has all the parts of a persuasive letter). Next week, we will celebrate the work that these kids have done in this unit and send off one final persuasive letter before break.

Reading Update!

As we wrap up our unit focused on characters, we talked about how good readers are thinking while they read.  One of the ways that we think is by making connections to what is happening to our characters. As we read, we stopped to think, ‘Would I feel the same way, if that had happened to me?’ or ‘Do I know of any other characters, from different books, who have felt this way before?’ Connections help us to understand how characters feel and why they are acting the way they are acting in different parts of a story.

 Next week, we will focus our attention on fluency.  The kids will practice rereading over and over again.  We will encourage the kids to scoop their words into longer phrases, paying attention to punctuation, using a storyteller voice, and showing our feelings through our voice and facial expressions!

Writing Update!

Now that we’ve learned all of the parts of a persuasive letter, we challenged our first graders to be more productive during our writing time.  Our goal is for every child  to write a whole persuasive letter, with all the important parts, in one day.  The kids were excited to take on this challenge and truly blew us away.  We will be assessing and celebrating everything we’ve learned about persuasive letters this week!

Week 15!

What a snowy weekend!!  Thank you sending in all your child’s winter gear this past week.  The kids were experts at putting on their snow clothes.  We’ve been trying our best to carefully put everything away in our lockers.  If a hat or gloves end up missing, please let me know, and we will make sure to check for them here at school. If you could please LABEL your child’s snow gear, that would help us to make sure lost gear gets back to the correct owner.

December 5-16 – Candy Cane Sale

December 13 – Dress Rehearsal @ Fair Haven Church

We will ride over on busses in the late morning to practice for our program with all the first graders and second graders that will be performing with our class.

December 13 – Holiday Program @ 6:30

The first graders should arrive @ 6:15.  There will be signs showing you were to drop off your child.  Please see Mrs. Reagan’s post for more details!  Click here –> Holiday Program

December 14 – Library Day

December 16 – Writing Celebration

Our class will be decorating envelopes and mailing a persuasive letter.  Keep practicing your child’s home address as we will be writing these on the envelopes.

December 16 – Holiday Program DVD Forms Due

We are getting excited for some festive activities the week before Christmas.  We will be incorporating the holidays into every part of our curriculum and enjoying some fun games and creating some cute crafts, too.  Be sure to check out our photo steam for pictures!

Math Update!

Our first graders worked hard this week to prepare for our Unit 3 assessment.  We spent our math switch time solving addition (missing total & missing partner) and subtraction stories using the great strategies that we’ve learned during this unit.

The kids were definitely ready for the assessment and performed very well.  Woohoo!!!  Still, they will be asked throughout the rest of this year to solve stories, and we don’t want your child to lose any of the great strategies that they’ve gained from our learning.

To support your child at home, please encourage him or her to always PROVE THEIR ANSWER when solving a story.  We have taught our first graders to listen to a story and make an EQUATION that matches the story.  Then we ask them to use a math mountain to solve the equation.  This is demonstrated below:


We appreciate all the time that you take to encourage your child on their math homework.  Practice makes permanent and we don’t want our first graders to lose any of these wonderful strategies!!!

Next week, we will dive into our new learning in Unit 4 which focuses on teen numbers, place value and strategies for solving equations with larger numbers.  For this unit, we will stay in our own classrooms.  We will start math switch groups back up later in the year.  We look forward to helping your child grow even more as a mathematician!

Reading Update!

This past week in reading, we focused on looking closely at how our characters were feeling in the beginning, middle, and end of a book. Each day we read a story and stopped three different times to discuss the characters’ feelings.  We noticed that almost always our characters’ feelings do change!  Often the main character started off happy, in the middle something happened to make them feel scared, sad, or mad, but by the end the problem was resolved.  We compared the characters feelings in our books to a rollercoaster with lots of ups and downs.  We also noticed that when our characters’ feeling change they are learning an important lesson.


Week 14!

The snow is here!!!  Remember to send in your child’s boots, snow pants, gloves, hat, scarf, and coat labeled with their name.  It’s going to be a fun recess tomorrow!!!

December 5-16 – Candy Cane Sale

December 6– Penguin Patch Holiday Shoppe

We will head down to shop in the morning.  Please send your child’s shopping money enclosed in the Holiday Gift Shop envelope.  Make sure to fill out the information about who your child will be shopping for and how much to spend on each person!  Thank you!

December 6 & 7 – Jet’s Pizza Nights

December 7 – Library Day

The kids are now able to choose books from anywhere in the library!

 December 9 – Popcorn Day

December 9 – Math Assessment

December 9 – Spelling Assessment

This week I will be checking in with each child to see if he/she is able to recite their home address.  Please help your child practice saying all three lines of their address at home – even the zip code!