Week 32!

Looks like a beautiful week ahead and perfect weather for Mileage Club!

We will likely be finishing up our plant observations this week too.  For our experiment, we have been observing two plants to learn more about the relationship between plants and sunlight. One plant was watered and left in the sunlight and another was placed in a closet with no light or water. We have checked our plants over the past two weeks, recording our observations in our science logs.  We have just two more recording days to go!!!

April 29 – Library Day


May 1 – All School Backwards Day

Wear your clothes backwards or inside out.

May 1 – Popcorn Day

**If the popcorn machine is working.**

Just a few more days left in the second MobyMax competition!  Make sure to log-in and practice every day this week if you can!!!

Our zoo trip is a few weeks away and we are excited.  Read the following letter to learn more about this trip! Thank you!! Zoo Information Letter

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