Reading Update!

We jumped back into reading workshop this week by helping ourselves get ready to read new books by first asking what we already knew about our topic before reading. When we pulled out a new book, we asked ourselves, “What do I already know?” This helps get our mind ready to make connections to new ideas.  We spent time comparing the books in our ‘topic bags’ and really thinking about the facts we were learning.  They were able to find examples in multiples books that taught the same information, so they knew that fact must be true.  We were able to share with our partners about things we had learned.

As we are learning new information on our topics, we want to keep track of our thinking. Our books were filled with post it notes marking pages to show new learning and the kids had a blast sharing all this new information with the class.

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 10.25.52 PM

Way to go first graders!!  I can’t wait to see what fascinating topics you will study next week!


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