Writing Update!

During our writing time this past week our first graders studied some of the text features that authors often include in their nonfiction books.

Nonfiction books frequently have a conclusion at the end to summarize the big ideas.  We learned how to add a conclusion that shared how our topic is important/interesting and encouraged our reader to care about our topics the way we love our topics.

“Plants are important because they give us air to breathe.  Why don’t you plant a tree in your backyard!”

We also noticed that many nonfiction books include a glossary to define some of the  vocabulary.  We transformed some of the important words in our books to bold print and shared these words and their meaning in our own glossaries.


Finally, some of our first grade chose to add a quiz to the end of their books as a way to check their readers’ understanding of all the facts that have been taught.

These books are really starting to come together and truly teach some AMAZING facts!!  Next week we will organize a table of contents to go at the beginning of our books and start revising to make our writing even better!

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