Science Update!

Our scientists have been busy learning about the SUN and WEATHER! We have taken a closer look at the changes that we can notice in our daily weather: wind, temperature, precipitation, and cloud cover.

With Temperature, we discussed a thermometer and the seasons in depth! We ended this lesson by coloring a thermometer.  We talked about the numbers that match temperatures that are hot, warm, cool, and cold.  New vocabulary: thermometer, Fahrenheit, degrees.

With Clouds, our scientists learned about cloud cover. There are four categories of cloud cover: clearpartly cloudycloudy, and foggy. We identified each of these categories with a picture. We studied different kinds of precipitation: rain, snow, hail, and freezing rain.

Lastly, we covered Wind. With this lesson, we read a short book about wind… then we headed right outside!! Once outside, we tried out our very own pinwheels!  It happened to be quite a windy afternoon when we ventured out and the kids squealed with delight as they watched their pinwheels race!  We talked about the speed and the direction of the wind.  We also talked about how wind is invisible and how pinwheels aren’t the only tool that we can use to see the wind.  The kids right away noticed the trees and bushes moving, as well as the ripples on the pond, the flag, our hair and clothing moving, goose bumps on their skin…the list kept going!

We have also learned that plants need sunlight in order to live!  We are finishing up our plant observation– we have been closely watching a plant that we water and keep in the sunlight and another that is in a bag in the cupboard, with no light.  We have looked at the different plants over multiple days noticing what happens when a plant is not given sunlight or water!  The kids pointed out that the leaves turn brown, the plant gets crispy, the stems and leaves droop, and it doesn’t look as nice!!

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