Save the Fish!

…let me explain.   As one of our ‘reduce what we use’ conversations this week, we talked about electricity.  I drew a diagram for the kids to see how some energy plants are built on bodies of water.  We talked about how these plants use the cold water from the lakes to cool down their machinery and then dump the hot water back into the lake.  I explained how the hot water wasn’t good for the fishies and sometimes it killed them.   So, we figured that, if we use less electricity and remember to shut off lights when we leave a room, the power plants won’t have to make as much electricity and we can save some fish!  (It is easier for kids to worry about killing fish than about wasting electricity)

So, our first graders are now saying, “Save the fish!” every time they turn off the lights…come on, are you smiling yet?  :)

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