Reading Update!

In Reader’s Workshop, we have continued becoming experts on the topics we are reading about! The students have each picked a topic that interests them and then filled a bag with books that focus on that big idea.  Some of the books from their topic are nonfiction and some are fiction.  The first graders spend time each day reading through the books on their topic to see what they can learn and teach others about their topic.

Early in the week, we noticed that when we read our fiction stories, even though we know these stories aren’t true stories, we can find true facts within the stories.  We shared some facts that we learned from our fiction stories and noticed that some we knew were true because we had read about it in another text, heard someone talk about it, or we had experienced it ourselves before.  Some of the facts seemed true, but we weren’t quite sure.  So, we decided that we would need to do some more research in the other books from our topic and see if we could find any other books that shared that same information.  These little first grade researchers had a blast digging into their books to see what they could find.

We then spent time sharing how some of the books we were reading were alike. We made text to text connections to share our thinking.

“The book Hi, Fly Guy reminds me of the book Diary of a Fly because I learned that flies like to eat gross foods in both books.”

We have had the chance to allow our ‘local experts’ to share some of the facts that they have learned and as they share their cool facts, they are also sparking interest in their classmates. The first graders have all had a chance to pick more than one area of expertise and we will continue with this unit of reading for a few more weeks.  Be sure to ask your student about the topics they have studied so far, what they have learned, and what they might want to pick for their next area of expertise!

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