Writing Update!

In Writer’s Workshop, we are continuing to make our how to writing better and better.  We are also having so much fun acting out our how-to directions and revising with our partners!!!  Here are some of the things we know to add to our writing…

– Title (How-To Make Your Bed)


– Materials or Ingredients


– Steps (First, Second, Next, Finally)


– Teaching Pictures with LABELS


And our newest addition… an introduction! The introduction can let you know what you are going to be learning about and maybe some interesting fun facts about. You could also share about a time you tried it or how you feel about it. We used the sentence starters “You will learn…” or “I will teach you…” to help us write our introductions.

Example Introduction (How to Draw a Dog Face):

“Have you ever wanted to draw a dog face? I will teach you how! Good luck!”


As our first graders have been writing their how to stories, a few of our friends have been running out of ideas. Our partners have been helping us brainstorm some ideas of things we know how to do, but feel free to help your first grader brainstorm at home as well!!!  Just talk to your first grader about things they are really good at and jot them down on a piece of paper for them to add to their Writing Folder!

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