Social Studies Update!

In Social Studies this week we continued practicing our address! We talked about how each person has a special place on the Map. Our Special place is our address. We each practiced writing and saying our addresses. There are 3 lines that help make up our address:

First and Last Name

House Number and Street Name

City, State, and Zip Code

Our next lesson was discussing objects that were man-made or nature-made.  We looked at a bunch of different pictures of man-made items and nature-made items and sorted them into two piles. Man-Made and Nature-Made. We talked about what was nature-made or if an object was man-made and how we knew. We talked about how most nature made things can fall into two different groups: WATER or LAND.  We then talked about a few different kinds of landforms and bodies of water:  river, lake, ocean, plain, mountain, and forest.  We know that each of these things are nature made.

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