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Social Studies Update!

We started our Economics unit for social studies today.  The first things we learned were needs and wants.  A need is something we can’t live with out, a want is something that makes life more fun.  🙂  We talked about different wants- things that we have asked for for our birthdays or things that were on our Christmas list.

The kids know that we have 5 needs:

foodwatershelterclothes, air

We also talked about goods and services.  A good is something you buy that you can hold or touch, and a service is something that someone else does for you.  The kids did a great job of brainstorming different kinds of services- mailmen, waiters, policemen, teachers, and dentists.

We turned our room into a factory this afternoon to talk about producers and consumers.  We learned that we are all consumers (use, buy, & eat things) and we learned that producers make things.  We all became producers within Factory 104 and made a product to show off to the class.  Take a look at the goods our producers made:

 I then showed them a box of candy that I had.  I told them that there were different kinds of candy and that they would be able to choose one piece to have.  After they had chosen, I had the kids raise their hands if they weren’t able to get their first choice candy.  I used this example to explain the idea of scarcity to the kids, we talked about how there isn’t always enough of something for everyone to have it (or sometimes we don’t have enough money to buy everything we want).

I then shared how some of the kids had two pieces of candy that they really wanted, but they could only have one.  We talked about how when you can’t have both, then you need to make a choice between the ones you like the best.  I gave the kids the example of how I go shopping and see so many things at the store that I want, but I don’t have enough money to buy it all.  So, we have to make choices!

I asked the kids what you could do if you ended up with a piece of candy that you didn’t want and they came up with the idea to trade.  So, I had the kids who ended up with candy that wasn’t their first choice come to the middle of our circle and see if they could trade with each other.  Some of them were able to and some were not.  We discussed how trading is a great solution, but how it only works if the other person wants what you have to trade.

We then read A New Coat for Anna, a book that dealt with a family who needed to get a new coat for their daughter, but they had no money.  So, they traded things from their home with the people who could provide the services they needed to make a new coat for the little girl.

After reviewing how the family used trading to get the things they needed, we talked about how we get the things we need.  Sometimes we trade, but the kids also focused on using cash, debit cards, checks, credit cards, gift cards, etc.

Snow Day Reading: Gabe & Noah!

I love all these reading pictures!  You boys are too sweet, can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

Snow Day Reading: Hannah!

Check it out, Hannah braved the snow for a fun adventure and got some reading in, too!  Miss you so much, Hannah!

Snow Day Reading: Ben!

Ben, you look so snuggly!!  I think you found the right spot to be a reader today!

(I can’t wait to hear your acronym as soon as we get back to school, Ben!)

Jessica’s How To!

Jessica is staying busy on her snow day and she sent me this YuMmY sounding how to story.  Check it out!

You will need the one cup scooper
A big bowl
One cup of milk
Half a cup of sugar
A tea spoon of vanilla
A mixing bowl
A bowl to eat out of

First you need to go outside and get 4 to 6 scoops of snow with the one cup scooper then put it in the big bowl.

Then you put milk in the mixing bowl.
Then you put sugar in the mixing bowl and do the same thing with the tea spoon of vanilla.

Then you mix all of the ingredients that is in the mixing bowl together until the sugar is dissolved.

Then you put the snow in the mixing bowl one cup at a time. Stir while you add snow in the bowl.

Keep stirring until it gets thicker.

When it is as thick as you want it to be stop stirring.

Then get the bowl to eat out of and put the ice cream in it.

Then get whatever you want to put on top of your ice cream to eat.

Then you can eat your snow ice cream.

Snow Day Challenge!

First Graders & First Grade Families,

penguin-in-the-snowCan you believe it – another SNOW DAY!!!  And, of course, it’s too cold to go outside and play – BOO!!!  In case you are looking for something to do, here are some SNOW DAY challenges for you to try inside your warm home:

1.  Go on RAZ-KIDS and listen to a book, read a book, and take a quiz.  If I see you’ve been reading, I will send you some extra stars for your RAZ-ROCKET!!!

2.  Become a member of the Millionaires Club.  Even first graders can join!!!  Send Mrs. Reagan a picture of you being a reader today for a special 200 word bonus.

3.  Write a How-To story!!!  Send it to me and I will post it on the blog to share with all your friends!!!

4.  Practice your doubles facts!!! (1+1, 2+2, 3+3, 4+4, 5+5, 6+6, 7+7, 8+8, 9+9, 10+10)

Be sure to leave a comment to let me know what’s keeping you busy on this very, very cold day!!!  Don’t forget to drink some hot cocoa and snuggle with someone you love!!!

Reading Update!

We wrapped up our unit on characters, this past week.  It was so much fun to spend dedicated time thinking and sharing what our characters were doing and feeling and what those actions made us think.  It was a great unit for exploring all the wonderful fiction books that we have in our classroom.

We will continue to track and share our thinking about characters throughout the rest of the year, but we did move on to a new unit of study toward the end of the week.  The kids had a blast going through all our nonfiction books in the classroom.  We talked about some ways that they are different than fiction stories (we will learn SO many more in the weeks to come) and we also talked about where to find them in the classroom.

We spent some time reminding the kids how important it is that when we are reading independently, we have books that are JUST RIGHT for us as readers, and that goes for nonfiction books as well.  So, we refreshed our memory on the FIVE FINGER RULE.    The students pick a book and then open to any page.  They read one page and every time they come to a word they don’t know, they would put one of their five fingers down.  If they were left with no fingers up at the end of that one page, then the book is too tricky.  If they still have fingers up, then the book is ‘Just Right!’


This poster works puts fingers up, instead of down, but it is the same concept.