Reading Update!

 This past week, we spent each reading workshop reviewing what the first graders have learned about reading so far this year.  They showed me how good they are at reading independently.  Each day we have spent time brainstorming solutions to distractions that happen during our reading time.  The kids have done a great job helping each other make this reading time comfortable and beneficial for everyone.

Our kids know that when they go off to be readers, they need to:

Be URGENT! (quickly find a spot and get right to work!)

Stay in one spot!

Work quietly! Shhhhhh!

Warm up to your books and point to the words when you read!

Read the WHOLE TIME…build your stamina!

They have gotten very good at all of these things.  They even know that good readers spread out all of their books in front of them so that they don’t have to mess around with their book box to find a book or tool.  Each day we could see their stamina growing and they were able to read without distractions for longer and longer each day.

We also talked about how important it is to warm up as we read. We know to look at the pictures and think about what might happen in the story, but this week we focused on making a movie in our heads of the story and then checking that movie as we read to see if the story was matching our movie.  Sometimes the story matched our mental movie and sometimes our movie needed to change a little to match the words that we had read.  Good readers make a movie in their head as we warm up and then change their movie to match the story as they read the words.  Way to go first graders!

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