Mind Up Update!

We have talked through different scenarios with the kids about when each part of the brain might be working.  We talk about how when they hear a startling noise, it is the amygdala that is working quickly to keep them safe.  BUT, we also talked about how their amygdala is quick to make decisions that might not be necessarily appropriate in all situations.  For instance, if they are on the playground and a friend comes by and bumps into them unexpectedly, their amygdala might tell them to push that person away to keep themselves from harm.  But, in reality, pushing the other person isn’t the best way to handle that situation.  We have talked about how our prefrontal cortex is better at handling these situations but in order for the messages to get sent from the amygdala to the prefrontal cortex, the kids need to give their brains a few moments before reacting to the situation.  We talked about how taking a deep breath and counting to ten (or down from ten) will help them calm down and give the different parts of their brain time to communicate before reacting.  We will continue to help support the students in learning ways to handle situations like this.

We have also talked about how we need to be mindful learners.  When we are mindful of others, we are aware of our surroundings and others around us.  We now know that being mindful means thinking before we act.  We talked about what mindful and unmindful behavior looks like for us:

Unmindful: Leaving your shoes in the middle of the living room

Mindful: Putting your shoes where they belong, out of the way

We also talked about mindful behavior at school and how everyone at school has to be mindful of everyone here, even teachers, custodians, and the principal.  You can help them remember to be mindful of others when you see them using unmindful behavior, remind them to,use your prefrontal cortex, please!” 🙂

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