App Update

If you are looking for an app to buy for your kids, the app that they are over the top excited about right now is called TeachMe.

It works on math, spelling, and sight words.  When the kids enter ‘Teach Town,’ they can go to different stores or they can go to school.  In order for them to have money to spend at the stores, they have to earn coins at school.  You earn one coin for every three questions that you answer correctly.  They are super good at the math and sight words, it is the spelling that is harder for them.  The teacher will only accept  words that are written with letters that are formed correctly.  Sooooo…when we focused on making letters at the beginning of the year, your kids were told many times, “Where do you start your letters? AT THE TOP, AT THE TOP!!!”  If they try writing a letter from the bottom up, the app will not recognize the letter and they will have to try again.  It really looks for the letters to be touching all the right spots on the lined paper, so it is great practice for the kids to know whether or not they are forming their letters the correct way.  Once they have earned coins, they can go spend them at any of the stores. There is a Shape Store, an Art Store, and a Fish Store.  The kids get to pick something from the store and store it up on a sticker page.  They LOVE this!  The app costs $1.99, but it is worth it!

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