Math Update!

The week before spring break, our mathematicians learned all about Picture Graphs! Our students worked with Picture Graphs that had two, or more quantities even! We learned that these kinds of graphs help us to organize data so that it is easier to read unlike the clump of fish and frogs shown below:

Next, they learned how to fill in a blank Picture Graph with the data drawings or pictures, similar to the ones shown above. Our mathematicians decided that it would be most helpful to cross out each frog or fish as we added them to our graph. This would ensure that we did not miss one or add too many.

We also took some time to compare the pictures on the graphs with a few questions:

Which animal has more?

Which animal has fewer?

How many fewer frogs are there than fish?

How many more fish are there than frogs?

And to finish up our learning about these graphs, we tried to make the quantities (or animals in this case) the same number. For example, since there are more fish than frogs, you could take two fish away so that there were five fish and five frogs. You could also add two frogs to the original amount of frogs so that there were six frogs and six fish. Once our mathematicians decided which answer to go with, they wrote an equation too!

We also discussed how we should use circles to redraw our Picture Graphs because it is much easier and quicker, how even though it is not as much fun.  They did such an amazing job again this week!

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