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Music Program: Nov. 27 at FairHaven

Where is the church?

Address: 2900 Baldwin Street  Hudsonville, MI 49426;  Fair Haven Ministries is located down the road from Georgetown Elementary at the corner of Baldwin Street and 28th Ave.  This program is led by Georgetown’s two music teachers: Mrs. VanRiijs Gr K and Mrs. Bretz Gr 1-5.


What time do students need to be at the church?


K, Gr. 1, Gr. 2 Program starts at:  6:30 pm

K, Gr. 1, Gr. 2 Be there at: 6:15

Where does my child need to go when they get to the church?

There will be signs at the church directing you to your child’s classroom assignment and also this information will be sent home prior to the program.  Below are the room assignments by grade.  To view a map of the room locations, click here:  fairhavenmap

1st Grade – 100 Wing

 Can we save seats prior to the program?

No. The only reserved seats will be for the directors, videographer, and teachers.

 Doors will open at 6:15 and seating is first come first served.

Please be respectful and courteous to other families.


Special Props Needed:

Grades 1 and 2:  SUNGLASSES

Additional Information:

MAP of the CHURCH will arrive home on Tuesday. It is also available here: fairhavenmap

DVD order form will be attached to this information.  You can also download the order form here.  Holiday dvd

Writing Update!

These past few weeks, the kids have worked on our How-To teaching stories.  We introduced different How-To Helpers that the students could include in their teaching How-To stories to help their readers understand their directions better.  Some of our helpers included: how-to titlepictures that teachorderwords (first, next, then…), all the tools listed that we need, etc.

We also had the kids try adding warnings into their how-to stories to give extra information to help their readers get it right.  For example, one of our students wrote about making toast and added the warning: Be careful, it is hot!  And another student, teaching us how to feed a fish, added: Be sure not to add too much food, or the fish will get sick!

Then, we worked on revising our best How-To and had a mini celebration to show off our how-to writing skills to our friends.

Reading Update!

 This past week, we spent each reading workshop reviewing what the first graders have learned about reading so far this year.  They showed me how good they are at reading independently.  Each day we have spent time brainstorming solutions to distractions that happen during our reading time.  The kids have done a great job helping each other make this reading time comfortable and beneficial for everyone.

Our kids know that when they go off to be readers, they need to:

Be URGENT! (quickly find a spot and get right to work!)

Stay in one spot!

Work quietly! Shhhhhh!

Read the WHOLE TIME…build your stamina!

They have gotten very good at all of these things.  They even know that good readers spread out all of their books in front of them so that they don’t have to mess around with their book box to find a book or tool.  To help guide them in making the best choices during read to self time, we had them practice reading in this order:

1.  Sight Word practice

2.  Read your Just Right Books!

3.  Take out your check mark or shape GO! map and strengthen your comprehension with a Just Right book

4.  Read your Picture Books

5.  Read you poems or songs

After reviewing READ TO SELF, the kids wanted to show me all they knew about LISTEN TO READING. 

After reviewing READ TO SELF, the kids wanted to show me all they knew about LISTEN TO READING.  The kids LOVE this activity.  We discussed how listening to reading is important because it helps us read books that might be too tricky on our own, it can teach us new words, we get to listen to a fluent reader, and it is fun!!  We have a few MP3 players that have books on them and the kids get to spend time listening to different stories being read aloud to them.  We are putting those headphones to great use and the kids have gotten very skilled at independently solving issues that arise with the MP3 players.

We have introduced another aspect of our Daily Five reading block: Word Work.  We discussed with the students how working with words will make them better readers, writers, and spellers.  Plus, they will learn new words to build their vocabulary and…it’s fun!  We introduced the kids first word work activity with sight words.  The kids get to use some fun tools to build their sight words this year, this week we tried stringable letters and Wiki Stixs.  You should have seen the kids!  They were so excited and completely silent when working, they were entranced by these new tools.

Christmas Shopping!?!

Hey First Grade Parents,

If you are looking for a great Christmas idea for your beginning readers, our first graders LOVE these easy readers books.  They all fall around level C.  These books are cuter than cute and actually have a story line to them and make us laugh (doesn’t happen often with level C books!)!  I created awish list on amazon for you to check them out.  They are a great deal and could even fit in you first grader’s stocking!!

Science Update!

We’ve been having so much fun as scientists!!!

Our study of the properties of matter has provided us with many opportunities to try new experiments.  A property that we have really enjoyed investigating is sink and float.  We looked at different vegetables and objects and predicted what might happen when these things were placed in water.  We also created boats out of Play Doh.  Many of our boats had the properties needed to make them float.  We had a little competition to see how many paper clips our boats could hold before they sank and some of our boats had over 30 paper clips in them.  Way to go first graders!!

If your first grader wants to try this experiment again at home to see if they can make a stronger boat, here’s an easy play doh recipe you can try at home:

1 C. flour
1 Tbsp. vegetable oil
1 C. water
2 tsp. cream of tartar
1/2 C. salt
food coloring

Snack Donations!

Room 104 is in need of graham crackers!! Our cupboards were overflowing with boxes of crackers at the beginning of the year (thank you so much for your donations), but our supply has slowly dwindled as these crackers are shared whenever a child does not have a morning snack. If you are willing, we would appreciate any and all donations of honey graham crackers to be added to our classroom stash. Thanks so much!

P.S. Don’t forget to send your child to school with a healthy snack each day!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

WOW!!!!  Thank you all so much for the very sweet shower on Monday!!

  We are still deciding how to use the very generous gift card to Target.  One big purchase that we haven’t made yet, but we will need to soon, is a car seat for Ollie for Mr. Woodring’s car.  Your generous gift will surely help toward that purchase!

I am glad to be back in the classroom and the kids have been helping me get back into the swing of things!!  Thanks again for all your support so far this year!

Sight words!

Room 104 has been working hard on our sight words!  Today each student is bringing home a baggie with their name on it that has sight words in it.  Please practice these sight words with your child.  Along with the practice they get here at school with these sights words they will master them quickly.  Please keep the baggie at home and look for more to come home as they master new levels.