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Summer Library!!

Georgetown School Library Open This Summer!!

This summer, our school library will be open for students to check out books. On Tuesdays, 10:00-12:00, students can stop by school to check out books and visit with their favorite teachers. Research has shown that students who choose to read throughout the summer are more successful readers. Help to establish healthy reading habits and mark this on your calendars. Looking forward to seeing all of you there!

Math Update!

This week, we finished up our final unit in math!! Our mathematicians took the unit 8 assessment and did very well!! For the remainder of the week, we worked on greater than and less than and number lines.

Our little mathematicians already have so much schema for greater than and less than, so we decided to introduce the signs that represent a number that is greater than or less than.

<  Less Than

>  Greater Than

The easiest way to remember these signs is to think of an alligator’s mouth. Since the alligator only wants to eat the largest number, the open side of the sign faces the bigger number.

With this example in mind, many of our kiddos had fun adding teeth to their signs 🙂

Next, we worked on Number Lines. We played a little guessing game using a number line from 1-15 and two break-apart sticks. One student would come up to the front of the room and pick a number. They would not tell anyone else the number. Next this friend would call on volunteers to guess his or her number. If the student picked 10, for example, and the volunteer guessed 12, this friend would say “my number is less than 12”. And he or she would move the break-apart stick to cover the number 12. If the next number guessed was 8. He or she would say “my number is greater than 8”. And then move the other break-apart stick to cover the 8. This would then show that the number that he or she is thinking of is between 8 and 12. The guessing would continue until someone guessed correctly. Then that mathematician would come up and repeat the steps with a new number in their head.

For the following weeks, we plan to continue reviewing other First Grade concepts in preparation for our kiddos to move to Second Grade!!

More Writing…

I couldn’t resist…

Writing Update!

This week, we read Click, Clack Moo, Cows That Type and I Wanna Iguanna and noticed that the characters in these stories were using writing to fix problems and make changes.  We decided to try something new with our writing and, instead of going back to stories, try writing letters that persuade people to make changes.

We went for a tour around the school to look for problems that we thought we could try to fix by writing to the person in charge.  Kids found balls stuck in the lights in the multipurpose room, thought about people running to get in lines after lunch, needing more balls for the playground, etc.  You might have even had your student come home with their tiny topic notebook on the search for problems that they could try to fix.

We then started writing letters.  Right away we noticed that these letters are different than ones we had written before.  These started with a greeting and ended with salutations, but our message in the middle needed special information.  We started by stating the problem, then suggesting a solution, and then explaining why it is important for this to be done.  It was interesting to hear the kids search for the best explanation to plead their case.

Check out some of our letters so far:

Reading Update!

This week, we continued to work on inferring.  We have been working on inferring what is happening in a story, but we zoomed in this week to focus on new vocabulary words.  We realized that when we come to a new word, we can use the picture clues, word clues, and our schema to infer the meaning of a new word.  We read the book Dear Mrs. LaRue: Letters from Obedience School, by Mark Teague.  He put together a very funny story about a tricky dog. There is some vocabulary that is unfamiliar to our students and makes for the perfect opportunity to use the text, pictures, and our schema to infer what is happening on each page.

I have been working on my end of the year reading assessments.  It has been truly amazing to watch the progress that your readers have made from the beginning of the year until now.  First graders makes such tremendous gains and this group is no exception.  Please start talking with your child about what you will do to keep up their reading habits over the summer.  I will be posting some reading incentive programs on the blog that might be of interest to you and your first grader!

Shopping List!

Every year, we look forward to celebrating the end of the year together outside with bubblessidewalk chalkpopsicles, and fun!  We are all stocked up on FUN, but…we would LOVE if you would add bubbles, LARGE bubble wands (Dollar Tree), popsicles, or sidewalk chalk to one of your shopping lists in the next few weeks.  We hold our celebration on the second to last day of school (June 7), so if you are willing to help supply us, you can feel free to send in your goodies anytime before the second to last day of school.

Thanks so much!