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Reading Update!

This week, the kids were so excited to read another book written by David Wiesner.  We read the book Sector 7.  Just like his other books, the pictures leave a lot of room for questions and discussion.  We know that good readers ask questions and as we asked questions about what was going on in the book, it was only natural to try and answer those questions.  You could just see the wheels in their brains turning as they tried to figure out this book.  After asking questions and finding answers, we spent some time looking at how we found the answers to our questions.  We noticed that our answers fell into one of four categories.  We found our answers:

– in the book

– by using our schema

– by inferring (guessing)

– by looking to an outside source

Writing Update!

This week, we started our new unit of writing.  We started off by writing stories that teach our readers how to do, make, or play something.  The writers jumped right into the writing, choosing to teach us how to float in water, make toast, shoot a bow and arrow, make a bowl of cereal, get dressed, and brush your teeth…just to name a few.  We then had a blast checking to see if our directions worked and made sense by having a partner act out each step for us to watch.  It was fun to see them collaborate with each other to change and add where they had missed steps.

We’ll pick back up with our teaching stories when we come back from break.


Since the weather has been especially wonderful and warm, our kiddos are not wearing socks to school anymore! This is a glorious thing, but unfortunately during Gym days, this can cause a problem. Please send a pair of socks to school for your child to keep in his or her locker for the rest of the year to use for Gym 🙂


Math Update!

Our mathematicians were hard workers this week! They spent the beginning of the week reviewing patterns, equations, skip counting, 100-partners, and (addition and subtraction) story problems with teen numbers. They were given similar examples of problems that would be on the assessment to better prepare them.

We finished up the week with an assessment covering the entire unit and a pretest covering the next unit. On Monday, we will begin new math switch groups again!! This unit will deal with picture graphstables, more story problems and measurement!

Writing Update!

This week, we started the week off with our writing celebration.  We had a blast sharing our hard work with all the other first graders!

The rest of the week was spent preparing stories for our JUST WRITE celebration that takes place on Thursday, May 17.  We need to get them done early so that we can ship them off to be published into a book for our classroom and the kids worked hard to find their best story and revise it to make it even better!  We revisited our study of sentences and tried to edit our stories for complete sentences (a who? and a what?) by making sure we start them with capitals and add punctuation to the end.  We then went to the computer lab to create a picture to represent our whole story.  We will type up the kids’ stories and then ship them off to be published into a classroom book…you will also have the chance to purchase one if you would like.  We will also post their stories to their lockers during that week to showcase their work this year for the rest of the school to see.

Reading Update!

This week, we introduced the comprehension strategy of questioning (and we all know first graders are good at asking questions!).  We talked about how good readers are thinking while they read.  One of the ways that we think is by making connections or by visualizing.  Another way readers think while they read is by asking questions.  This week we began our focus on questioning by revisiting one of our favorite stories, Tuesday, by David Weisner.  We talked about how readers can have questions about a book before they read it, while they read it, and after they read it. The kids had a blast walking their way through the pictures and asking questions about what was happening in the story.  We later went back and tried to find answers to some of our questions.

We spent the rest of the week on another classic David Weisner book, FLOTSAM.  The kids couldn’t take their eyes off this book and were begging to share their thinking.  It was so much fun!  We jotted down our questions as we went through the book and ended up with six and a half pages of questions.  I went through and picked out just a handful of their questions and we went back through the book to see if the kids could find answers to some of these questions and it was fun to see their understanding of the book develop as they shared their thinking with the class.  They are pumped to continue sharing their questions with other books.

Pizza Lunch!

Way to go first grade families!! We are the proud winners of a Marco’s Pizza Party for having the most participation during our last Marco’s Pizza Night!

Our special lunch will take place next Tuesday, March 27 during our regular lunchtime.  Your child will be able to have 2 slices of pizza.  They will need to bring a water bottle or juice box or we can get milk from the lunch room.  If your child would like additional food/snack or a different lunch altogether, please feel free to send this into school on that day.  I can’t wait!!!

Thank you again for your your support!!!
Mrs. Woodring