Writing Update!

Again this week, we started the week by allowing the class to start brand new stories, but gave them the goal of revising as they wrote by adding some of the techniques that they have learned in our revision unit to make their stories better. Good writers: reread their stories, play the movie in their heads, add details to the words, add details to the pictures, add dialogue, take away details that don’t make your story better, make your lead sentence exciting, and put the heart of their story at the end of their story.  This sounds like a lot, but you would be amazed at the writing that they are doing…these stories will knock your socks off!!  We can’t wait to celebrate next week!

Toward the end of the week, we talked about how sometimes writers choose to revise their story ideas by changing the shape of their story.  Instead of writing in the shape of a story, writers can take their ideas and change them into letters, postcards, emails, list, how-to directions, songs, poems, and even newspaper articles.  The kids worked hard to look at their stories and take the same idea that they wrote about in their story and change the shape into a new genre of writing.  They had so much fun experimenting and created some great pieces of work!

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