Math Update!

This week our first graders solved stories that were missing a partner instead of the total.  This was our first time exploring ways to solve this kind of problem.  We found that our math mountain strategy helped us organize the numbers so we could count-on from the known partner to the total in order find the missing partner.  So, we worked hard to recognize the total and partner in each story so our math mountains made sense and our work was accurate.

We also learned how to turn our missing partner math mountains into missing partner equations.  Both of these methods are a great way to show proof when solving a missing partner story which is demonstrated below:

Joe saw 6 snakes in the grass.  4 of the snakes were green.  The rest of the snakes were orange.  How many snakes were orange?

We ended the week with two games that provided our students with opportunities to solve unknown partner equations.  Our yellow quilt cards trained the kids to find the missing partner by clapping and counting on with their fingers until they got to the total.  The pancake game also helped the kids to use one of our strategies (math mountain, equation) to find a missing partner.

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