Reading Update!

This week, each student was able to take part of a reading group.  So, during our reading block, we have four blocks of time.  Each student was in a reading group for one block, read to self for one block, and then had the chance to make a choice during the other two reading blocks.  They could choose among read to self, listen to reading, or word work.

We added more to our Word Work baskets.  The students learned how to search through their poems for words with key features that we have studied (spelling words, short vowels, etc.).  This will be one of the activities that they will have the opportunity to work with if they choose to do Word Work during our reading block.

We also discussed how good readers work on expanding their vocabulary.  As a classroom, we are working to find our students’ strengths and areas to work on when dealing with vocabulary.  We have learned there are many ways to describe a word and we use a tool that helps us remember.  We call it:

How Well do you Know a Word?

  • Green Group: What kind of thing is it? In which family does it belong?
  • Blue Do: What does it do? What do you do with it?
  • Look Like: What does it look like, feel like, taste like, sound like, smell like?
  • Made Of: What is it made of? What does it come from?
  • Pink Parts: What are the parts of the object? What can go with it?
  • White Where: Where do you find it?
  • What Else: What is something else you know? Do you have any connections to this word? Do you have a story about this word?

 The kids have helped me describe all about a few different words, one of which is bunny.  They came up with all sorts of information they knew about bunnies, the only tricky part was knowing how to describe what it was made of.  This is tricky with living things.  A classic first grade response was: bones, blood, and fuzzy stuff.  🙂

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