Monthly Archives: April 2011

Weekly Newsletter

We had a great week exploring some new books during reading workshop.  It is amazing to think of where these kids started off at and where they are now!  We worked hard this week to get our All About books ready for publishing and celebrating next week.  They turned out so great.  Thanks again to Conni Christy for laminating and publishing ALL our kids’ books!!

April 22 Newsletter


We have been studying weather in our science unit and this past week we focused on observable changes that we can see in the weather from day to day and season to season: cloud cover, wind, precipitation, and temperature.  Take a look at the kids experimenting with wind speed and direction!

Help Wanted!

I am in need of a parent (or two) who is willing to help publish our All About books for our celebration next week.   I would be ready for help on Thursday-anytime after 12:00. If you are interested & available, please let me know!

Weekly Newsletter

Welcome back!  The kids did a great job getting back into the swing of things.  Your first grader has 8 weeks left in 1st grade (can you believe it?!).  We have so much going on between now and the end of the school year, please, please, please keep checking our blog for important updates about classroom events.  AND see what we have been up to this week in our April 15 Newsletter.