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Know Your Address!

Attention all first grade parents!

One of our expectations that goes along with our unit on geography is that the first graders will know their own home address.  We have practiced them in multiple ways and I have checked with the students one on one to see if they know they address on their own.  We have a few students who know all the parts!  Please check with your student to see if they can tell you all parts of their address, the house numbers and zip code seem to be the trickiest.  If they haven’t quite mastered this yet, keep practicing.  I will check with them again before conferences.

House Address & Street Name

City, State, & Zip Code

A Picture Update!

Here are some pictures from our penny counting game, reading share, and twin day.  Enjoy!

Factory 104

We turned our room into a factory on Wednesday afternoon to talk about producers and how producers make things.  We all became producers within Factory 104 and made a product to show off to the class.  Take a look at our producers in action:


Just a reminder…

Our Valentine’s Party will take place next Monday, February 14, from 2:45-3:25ish.


All parents are invited to join us for the party!


PLEASE send in your child’s valentines as soon as they are ready.  I would like to have them all by Friday, February 11.

Our valentine exchange will take place before our party on Monday, so don’t wait until the party to bring them.

Valentine names

Tiny Topic Notebooks!

You might have noticed something new in your child’s blue folder tonight…

We kicked off our new unit of writing with a brand new writing tool – a Tiny Topics or Tiny Seeds notebook.  This notebook is a place for your child to write down ideas for small moment stories.  At school, we’ve been discussing how almost everything can be a story!  If your child comes up with an idea at home, help them write a little note in their notebook.  Remind your child to bring their notebook back to school and in no time that tiny topic will become a spectacular story!

Thank you for your help at home!

Donuts – Yum

Want to buy some donuts?  The money goes toward a fantastic cause:  5th Grade Celebration Fundraiser. On Thursday, February 17, you can purchase a donut at school.

And…..these aren’t just any donuts…they’re KRISPY KREMES!

These specialty GLAZED donuts can help you kick off your long winter break!

Complete this order form so we have your donuts ready on Thursday, Feb 17:  Georgetown 5th grade donut

  • $1/glazed Krispy Kreme Donut
  • $7 for One Dozen Donuts
  • $14/Partner Card = 12 dozen donuts.
  • Partner Card: $14/card which allows you to pick up 12 dozen donuts at any Krispy Kreme location! For the price of two dozen…you get 12 dozen! Best Deal!