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Mmmmm, Breakfast!

Did you hear that we will be serving breakfast at Georgetown every morning?  This is a district wide initiative to make sure that all students are offered the opportunity to have access to a healthy meal at the beginning of each school day.

The program will be run by our current JEN/HUD Food Service group.  In addition to lunch, you have the ability to purchase a $1.25 breakfast for your child.  Students who fall under the free/reduced plan for lunch will also receive this benefit for breakfast.

Mrs. Cheri Stacey will run this program for us.  Once students arrive at school (8:30 am), they will enter the building through their grade level door.  After placing backpacks and jackets in lockers, they will walk to the cafeteria/MPR where Mrs. Stacey will greet them and get them settled in for breakfast.  At 8:50, students will be dismissed to their classrooms to start their learning day.

If you would like to put money in your child’s meal account (for breakfast or lunch) visit the JEN/HUD website. If you are in need of information about Free/Reduced Meal Plans, you can contact the JEN/HUD office through this site.

Getting Ready for School

In one week, I will get to see our new first graders.  I am SO excited and am busy getting the room ready to go.

Below I’ve included some important information in preparation for the upcoming school year.  If you haven’t taken a peek at the links in bold below, please do so now.

1.   Parent Survery – If you have not filled out this survey please do so.  It will provide me important contact information and also provides a space for you to sign up as a parent volunteer! 🙂

2.  School Supplies – There are six items to be on the lookout for: a box of tissues, gym shoes, a backpack, dry erase markers, a box of band aids  and a pencil box.

3.  Two other notes to be aware of: Birthday snack and Healthy Snacks

Also, don’t forget to come to our School Open House which will take place from 6:30-7:30 on September 1.  I can’t wait to see you there!

Open House

I am getting so excited for the beginning of the school year and I hope you are too!  I also hope you are enjoying your last few days of vacation.  Please continue to check back to our classroom blog from time to time.  I will be posting more important information in the next few days!

Please make plans to come to our School Open House which will take place from 6:30-7:30 on September 1.  I can’t wait to see you there!

Summer Snapshot

As a working mom, my most treasured times this summer have been spent with my son, Hatteras, who is two years old.  He is growing so quickly and amazes me everyday with new vocabulary and understanding.  So far this summer, Hatter has enjoyed picking (and eating) strawberries and blueberries.  My college friends and I have made a point of getting together with our kids once a week.  One of those times we ventured out to the Critter Barn in Zeeland where Hatter got to hold/touch lots of different animals and he even got to help milk a goat.  Hatter has been swimming.  And he even got to sit in a real fire truck at Mrs. Stadt’s 4th of July celebration.

Leave me a comment to share what you and your family have been up to this summer!