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Bubbles, Chalk, and Popsicles!

The day began with indoor recess because of the wet grass.  We pulled out lots of math games for the kids to play with.  A large group of students took our unifix cube collection and made a snake so long that it wound through the classroom, almost completing a full circle around the room.  Other kids made huge domino trains and others played with our straws and pipe cleaners to build 3-D shapes.  Andy set out to meet and exceed the “Cube Challenge” from the day before.  Take a look at the nearly-quadruple cube he made!


When it was time to start reading workshop, the sun was shining and the kids were ready to put their sun glasses and beach towels to work.  Check out how cute they are!  They were not posing, just looking naturally cute…they could sell these books, they make them look that good!

Outdoor Reading

Then we took a break from the wonderful sunshine to head in for some pizza and juice.  After refreshments, we headed back out to play with bubbles, decorate the side walk with chalk, and enjoy some yummy popsicles while playing on the playground.  It was a wonderful celebration!



On Wednesday, June 9, we will spend a portion of our day enjoying the outdoors (depending on when it dries out).  To prepare for our outdoor activities make sure your child comes to school wearing suntan lotion and comfortable clothes/shoes.  Your child can also bring a beach towel and sunglasses to use during our outdoor fun!


We will be eating popsicles, making bubbles, drawing with chalk, jump roping and hula hooping in the morning and will use the beach towel again later in the day as we head outside for our last readers workshop!

Thanks for your help!

Pizza on Wednesday

pizzaThe kids in Room 104 earned one last reward for good behavior this year.  We are planning to celebrate with a party on Wednesday, June 9.  The party will include a pizza lunch.  No need to send your child to school with a lunch or drink that day.  Cheese and pepperoni pizza will be provided along with a juice box!  (I will most likely order from Little Ceasers-I changed my mind)  If anyone is not a fan of pizza – they may gladly bring a home lunch instead.  I will provide two pieces of pizza and a juice box for the kids.  If your child would like to nibble on another snack at lunch time, feel free to pack that with them from home and they can add that to their lunch.


Terrific Reading Opportunity this Summer!

Picture 2
In order to keep reading going strong throughout the summer, we will be opening our Georgetown School Library once a week! On Wednesdays,10:00-12:00 am, we will have our library open for Georgetown students to check out books. This is a great time to try out some new books, reread some old favorites, reconnect with friends, and see some of your favorite teachers. Our first date for Wednesday check-out will be June 16. Mark your calendars and hope to see you there!!!