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Photo Update

Take a look at some of the fun events of this past week!!

Here are the kids working with the iPads and iPods.  They are so independent on them!

iPod Slideshow

And here are the kids reading their favorite poem to the class at our Poetry Celebration:

Poetry Share Slideshow

And sadly, I failed at getting pictures taken at our Just Write Celebration…so here are the few (very few) that I was able to snag.  But, Miss Taber’s might have turned out better, so check out her slideshow too!

Just Write Slideshow

Weekly Newsletter

Check this out!Take a deep breath…that was our last full week of the school year!  Our first graders are now just eight days away from being second graders!  Where did the time go?  Wow!  Thank you so much for being such wonderful parents, it has made our year a delightful one!  Your kids are amazing and have taught me so much.

Please keep up to date with all the news from Room 104: May 28 Newsletter

Library Books

librarianIf you have any library books at home, please send them our way.  Mrs. VandenBurg is working on getting all books checked back in to school.    She will plan to send out notices to all students who have not returned their books by next week.  Thanks for helping us out!

WEB Reading


To our wonderful and consistent WEB reading parent volunteers…THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I couldn’t have done it without you…trust me, I have tried…it doesn’t work.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your time spent at school reading with our first graders!

Next Friday, June 4, will be our last day of WEB reading.  Thank you for your commitment to our readers!

Farewell to Butterflies!


We had so much fun watching our baby caterpillars grow bigger and bigger, turn into their chrysalis, and then hatch into butterflies.  To ensure that we didn’t have any butterfly casualties, we decided to let them go yesterday.    Check out the pictures of our class and Miss Taber’s (Mrs. Stadt’s) setting them free.

Just Write Celebration

logo_tiny_lightOur very important celebration of our year long work in writing takes place next week – May 24-28.  Our class will tour parents and important visitors on:  Thursday, May 27th from 2:50 – 3:30.

Everywhere you look, descriptive and rich and meaningful words will be displayed on:  lockers, walls, windows, and doorways.  Our published books from this year and year’s past will be on display in the rotunda.

Each writer’s story is published in a class anthology (collection) that is available for purchase (shipped directly to your home) or free to download.  To see these books, visit the LULU link on the front of our school blog look for our class link on this link:  ABOUT OUR WRITING JOURNEY