Monthly Archives: February 2010

Classroom Baskets

artClassroom Baskets are back and we need your help. Each class is being asked to donate items toward a themed class basket. Our class has selected Art/Drawing Basket.  Ideas for donations include: markers, pencils, crayons, paints, clay, paper, scissors, chalk, etc.  Your donations are greatly appreciated and will be collected through Thursday, February 25.

All the baskets will be raffled off on Thursday, March 4th. Proceeds from this raffle will be going back to your child’s classroom. These baskets will be on display March 1st-3rd, during the school day and at conferences. Cost for a ticket is $1. You or your child can purchase tickets during lunch time or conferences, when they are on display. Please come and try your luck on winning a basket!


Home Address

mailWe rechecked the kids this past week to see how they are coming on knowing their home addresses.  We had a few kids who were able to tell us each part of their home address successfully!  Most of the kids are missing one piece here or there.  Please check in with your student to see if they can tell you their complete home address (if not, keep practicing!):

  • #’s on your house
  • street name
  • city name
  • state name
  • zip code

Thanks for helping at home!  We will do another recheck later this week.

Valentine Party

Just a reminder…

Our Valentine’s Party will take place this Friday, February 12, from 2:50-3:20ish.


All parents are invited to join us for the party!   We look forward to seeing you there!

Also, please send in your child’s valentines as soon as they are ready.  I would like to have them all by Thursday, February 11.  Our valentine exchange will take place before our party on Friday, so don’t wait until the party to bring them.