Monthly Archives: November 2009

Home Address

houseWe have been working on knowing our home address.  Please check with your first grader to see if they know their whole address (street address, city, and zip code too!).  If not, keep working on it together.  On Thursday, in computer lab, we will be working on typing our address to print off and take home.

Thanks for your help!!

Hand Sanitizer

handsanitzerWould any of you out there be interested in restocking our hand sanitizer supply? The kids are so good about using this each day before snack and it has helped keep our classroom low on the germy end. It would be great to have more for them to use. If you are interested, just send some on in!
Thanks for helping us fight the germs! Room 104


We’ve had so much fun learning about matter and experimenting with solids, liquids and gases over the past two weeks.

Water is an interesting form of matter as it is able to change states easily.  To see for ourselves, we held ice cubes and used the heat from our hands to melt them.  Then we put all of our ice cubes in a hot pot and observed as the water bubbled, boiled and became water vapor (steam).

To wrap up our study of matter, we began our review of PROPERTIES, SINK OR FLOAT, SOLID, LIQUID, GAS, and MAGNETS.