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Education Reform!

Time is running out.  Our Governor and legislative leaders in Lansing are proposing devastating cuts to public education.  In addition to the $165 per pupil cut to all public schools, the State Budget Director has notified school leaders another $127 per pupil cut is coming in less than 30 days.  The only way this will not happen is if our Governor and legislators can agree to a funding solution addressing the revenue shortfall.  To find out how to help prevent this funding crisis, please listen to my message and visit the links here:   FUNDING CRISIS

To find out more about the history of school funding, FIVE DAYS TO FIX SCHOOL FUNDING, GR PRESS

Nicholas Ceglarek, Superintendent

Weekly Newsletter


Happy Halloween!  Our week flew by and we were busy the entire time.  Thanks for all of your support for our Halloween Party on Friday!  The kids have been excited all week!

October 30 Newsletter – Enjoy our weekly update!

November Calendar – Our new specials’ schedule for the month of November.

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Halloween Party

Just a reminder…

Our Halloween party will take place this Friday, October 30, from 3:00ish-3:25ish.

On Friday, your child can bring their Halloween costume to school in a bag.  We will change into our festive gear around 2:45.  Your child will wear their Halloween costume during the party and home from school.

All parents are invited to join us!


Oct 21 2009 Superintendent Message: H1N1 Protocol

I hope this letter finds you all healthy. I am writing to give you an update on the H1N1 influenza and to inform you of how we will proceed with flu outbreaks within the district. We are working very closely with the Ottawa County Health Department (OCHD) to monitor the health and safety of our students. If you suspect your child has the flu, please see your health care provider.

Symptoms of H1N1 influenza include fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills, and fatigue. If your child is sick with these symptoms, please keep them home from school for at least 24 hours after their fever is gone. (The fever should be gone without the use of a feverreducing medicine.) This will help prevent the spread of this illness to others.

This school year, the school closure protocol from the Centers for Disease Control and the Health Department is different from last year. Schools will not be closed due to a single confirmed case of H1N1. We know that we already have illness likely caused by the H1N1 virus throughout Ottawa County, therefore the decision to close a school will be based on the number and severity of illnesses. We continue to monitor the attendance at each building carefully. If a building’s attendance drops below 75 percent, we may consider closing the school but will make this decision in consultation with the Health Department.

The OCHD anticipates widespread illness attributed to the H1N1 virus, some of which will be confirmed but much more will be undiagnosed with symptoms. Neither the Health Department nor the District will be able to send a letter home each time we receive notification of a confirmed case. We will update you as needed, putting the safety and well-being of your children first. We are hoping that the H1N1 influenza does not spread as expected, but we all need to follow the guidelines from the Health Department to keep our community safe. These guidelines include:

  • get a seasonal flu vaccination and the H1N1 vaccine for your child when it becomes available
  • advise children to cover their nose and mouth with a tissue when they cough or sneeze
  • wash hands often
  • have children avoid touching their eyes, nose, or mouth
  • keep your child home when sick with flu like symptoms

Mr. Nicholas Ceglarek, Superintendent

Weekly Newsletter

TreeIt was a short, but busy week!  The students worked on a writing sample to show off to you guys at conferences.  It was fun to see them put all their writing skills into this piece.  They really have learned so much and tried so many new strategies as writers.  You will be proud!

October 22 Newsletter – Please read up on the newest Room 104 happenings!

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And enjoy your wonderfully LONG weekend!

Cute 1st Graders!

bunnyCute story of the week…

One of our first graders came up to me at lunch time the other day and wanted me to know she had brought her invisible bunny to school that day.  She was worried that Hippety would hop away while she was outside playing at recess.  I assured her that I would shut the classroom door.  She then proceeded to hand me Hippety‘s daily dose of invisible carrots for me to feed our new class pet.  As she walked down to recess, she looked at me with the sweetest smile and said, “Isn’t it great that you have an invisible bunny in your room?!”

All I can say is… Isn’t it great that I get to work with wildly imaginative, amazingly entertaining, and completely lovable first graders all day!


pile of pumpkinsWe’ve had a busy week.  We started last week working together as a group to earn five stars.  For each day that the class as a whole has been great listeners, we earn a star.  This time around our goal is set for five stars with a reward of having a classroom P.J. Day!  As of Thursday, the class had earned three stars.  So, be aware that we might be having a p.j. day toward the end of next week.

Also, let me remind you that we do not have school on Friday, October 23.   Your first grader has earned a very well deserved three day weekend!

October 16 Newsletter – Please check out Room 104’s news!

October 16 Photo Slideshow


For the October scavenger hunt, we are supposed to describe a hobby.  My favorite hobby right now is playing with my son Hatteras.  Whenever I am not at school, I try to get as much play time in with him and he is so much fun!  He loves to swing and get pulled in his wagon.  He loves getting chased and giggles so much when I catch him.  There aren’t too many other things that make me as happy as playing with my son.

playing readingHobby