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Walk-a-thon to Game/Read-a-thon

Due to the weather forecast, we are planning ahead for the walk-a-thon tomorrow.  Rather than walk in high winds, rain and cold temperatures, we will hold this event indoors.  Teachers will be able to play indoor recess games and read with students during their 45 minute time period.

Many, many thanks for your donations this year.  We are well aware that these are tough economic times for many and we appreciate all the money you have donated to this event.

The walk-a-thon team is busy counting the money and winners for each category will be announced next week.

Mrs. Reagan

Weekly Newsletter

paperWe had a great week!  It has been fun getting to know the students better and better each day.   It was exciting to get the WEB reading program up and running this week.  Thanks so much to all of you for taking the time to read with your student each night!  I am also so appreciative for our volunteer WEB reading parents.  This program would not be possible without you and I am truly thankful for your dedication to our students!

September 25 Newsletter – Please check out important information from Room 104!

Check out these first graders at work!!


Weekly Update

kids with backpackWe made it through our first five day week of first grade without having one day on a ‘normal’ schedule.  So many beginning of the year schedule interruptions, but the kids are doing so well adjusting and have been very flexible with our crazy schedules each day.  Thank goodness, next week we have picture day on Monday, but all other days are looking ‘normal.’

September 18 Newsletter – Please take the time to catch up on Room 104 news!

On Friday, we got to get together with the third graders and learn some new recess games.  Take a look at the kids in action!


Vacation Memories!

This summer, the Woodring family went on a great vacation up north.  We met up with cousins and grand parents in Mackinaw City and enjoyed lots of beautiful sunsets with the bridge in the background.  Hatteras and his cousins played in the lake, sand, pool…all over.  They chased seagulls, hunted for sea shells, and ate lots of ice cream.  It was a great vacation!


Week One in First Grade!


What a week we had!  So much to learn and the kids have done such a great job adjusting to coming to school every single day.  Way to go first graders!!  We have been busy reading, writing, counting, cutting, gluing, drawing, walking quietly, raising hands, tying shoes, washing hands, giving hugs, etc.  The start of a new year is always so exciting for me, but one of my favorite parts is watching your students’ smiles.  I love seeing them love feeling like big kids in first grade.  It has been a great week, thanks for all your support from home!

September 11 Newsletter – Take a look at our weekly newsletter!

September Calendar – If you haven’t seen it yet, here is our monthly schedule of specials.

Daily Schedule – Here is what a typical day for your first grader looks like.

First Day of School


Thank you so much for coming to meet me and check out the classroom at our Open House.  It was so nice to match up a smiling face with your child’s name.  I look forward to seeing them again on Tuesday morning.  I have a few more notes for you to read to help us get ready for the new school year.

1. Healthy-Snacks – In order to keep our nut, egg, and milk allergy students healthy and safe, we will be keeping our classroom nut free.  Please read the healthy snacks letter to better understand which snacks are appropriate to send with your student each day.  Because of the carpet in our classroom, we are only allowed to drink water in our room.  Please feel free to send a water bottle to school with your student, but no juice please.

2. Birthdays – We have many birthdays to celebrate this year and we are going to have fun doing it!  One detail that might be a change from kindergarten is that we do not allow students to bring in a birthday snack for the class.  This is a decision we made for the safety of our nut allergy friends.  Please read the note for more details, but know that your student’s special day will still be celebrated in a fun way with the class.

3.  If it wasn’t made clear to you at Open House, every morning before school, your child will meet out on the kindergarten playground.  They will play until the bell rings.  When the bell rings, they will line up along the inside of the fence on the parking lot side (right side).  Once they are in line, I will take them into the building.  This is how we will meet each and every morning of the year (even in the frigid winter months).  The only time they will not meet me on the playground is on days when it rains.  In that case, a morning aide will let them in the bus loop door by the kindergarten classrooms and they will wait for me in line down there.

4.  Please remember, on the first day of school, to send your student with their School Supplies and their favorite book choice (Welcome Letter).  This does not need to be a book that they can read all by themselves (Good question Alex!!).    We have gym on the very first day of school, so, it would be ideal for each student to bring their gym shoes with them the very first day.

5. September Calendar – Check out our schedule of specials for this month.  I will post a new calendar at the start of each new month.

6. For those of you who signed up to be a WEB reading volunteer, we will not be starting WEB reading for the first few weeks of school.  So, don’t worry about coming to volunteer until I get in contact with you.  Thanks so much for your generosity!