Monthly Archives: June 2009

Last Day of School

We will be having a Show and Tell morning on the last day of school, please read the following note to prepare your student for our specail morning: Show-and-Tell

Please remember that school dismisses at 1:00 tomorrow.

Thank you so much for such a great school year!  I really appreciate all the support that you have provided throughout the school year and will cherish my memories with all the students from Room 104.  Thanks so much and have a great summer!


On Wednesday, June 3, we will spend a portion of our day enjoying the outdoors.  (Lucky for us the weather forecast looks promising!)  To prepare for our outdoor activities make sure your child comes to school wearing suntan lotion and comfortable clothes/shoes.  Your child can also bring a beach towel and sunglasses to use during our outdoor fun!

We will be eating popsicles, making bubbles, drawing with chalk, jump roping and hula hooping in the morning and will use the beach towel again later in the day as we head outside for our last readers workshop!

Thanks for your help!