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So many fun books to read, so little time.  We read a new one this week by one of our favorite authors, David Wiesner.  Sector 7 let the kids use their imaginations and ask lots of questions.  Check out more of David Wiesner’s books, your child would love talking the books over with you!

UPDATE! UPDATE!  Our weekly newsletter has important Just Write information…check it out:

May 1 Newsletter

Our writing celebration last week:


Friday Reading Share


Earth Day

Earth Day was a complete success.  The students in Room 104 have learned so much about what to do to help take care of our Earth better.  We discussed saving electricity, recycling paper, not cutting down trees, and not polluting or littering.  They read books about taking care of the Earth with me, Mrs. Stutz and Mrs. Baker.  We had 5th graders come talk to us about how important it is to recycle and conserve electricty.  But, the far most exciting event of the day was definitely when Recycle Man came to visit Room 104 in the afternoon.  Wow, were these kids excited!  They learned great facts about what can be recycled in the paper gator and how and where to look for the recycle number on plastic items.

Two highlights from his appearence:

  • Hayden leans over, “Pssst, Mrs. Woodring.  Do you think Recycle Man can wait a little bit after school?  I want my mom to meet him!”
  • Cotey (when he realized his dad was Recycle Man)…Gasp! “That means I’m Recycle Boy!”

Recycle Man,  Thank you so much for coming to visit us on Earth Day!


Save the Fish!

…let me explain.  🙂  As one of our ‘reduce what we use’ conversations this week, we talked about electricity.  I drew a diagram for the kids to see how some power plants are built on bodies of water.  We talked about how these plants use the cold water from the lakes to cool down their machinery and then dump the hot water back into the lake.  I explained how the hot water wasn’t good for the fishies and sometimes it killed them.   So, we figured that, if we use less electricity and remember to shut off lights when we leave a room, the power plants won’t have to make as much electricity and we can save some fish!  (It is easier for kids to worry about killing fish than about wasting electricity)

So, our first graders are now saying, “Save the fish!” every time they turn off the lights.  …are you smiling yet?


Happy Spring Break!  Your little ones have been first graders for 135 days now.  When we return from break, we will have just two short months left and it will fly.  So enjoy your first graders while you can!!

Take a look at what we have been up to and where we are headed after break:

April 2 Newsletter

Just Write

Our JUST WRITE collection of stories has officially been published!  You can view the published book at this link:

Books are available for purchase through the website.  They will be shipped to your home.  A portion of the purchase ($4.00) of every book goes toward supplies and programs for our school writing program.

Remember, our writing celebration day is on Thursday, May 7.  More details coming in late April!