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As February ends, the students only have three more months to be first graders.  It is hard to imagine how the time has gone this quickly.  I look forward to sharing all the hard work and gains your students have made during the past trimester in school.  Check out our weekly newsletter, monthly calendar, and conference scheudle below.

February 27 Newsletter

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…Pictures of the week…

Playing with pattern blocks:


Our 5th writing celebration:


Our Friday reading share:


Volunteers Needed!

We are in need of parents who would be willing to make very simple math games for some fun and focused math instruction this spring.  The work can be done at home and involves the cutting of cards and assembling these into ziplock baggies.

If you are interested, please contact Rachel Stadt, one of our first grade teachers.  Her email:  Her phone number:  797-9797 x22106

Dan Hoover, Our Favorite Eagle Scout!

Dan Hoover is a student at Hudsonville High School.  He contacted me in the early winter inquiring about the possibility of completing a service project for our school.  This project would count toward his work toward becoming an Eagle Scout.  Dan and I discussed several options and landed on the need for student mailboxes.  Many of our teachers use cardboard shoe storage boxes–and these do not last more than two years. Dan measured the cardboard boxes and left with a plan to create sturdy wood mailboxes for two of our classrooms.

We were pleasantly surprised when Dan arrived at the beginning of this month with well crafted, sturdy and attractive mailboxes for two classrooms.  Mrs. Woodring and Ms. Burmeister were the lucky recipients!

Thank you so much, Dan–for your time, work and talents.  We wish you luck as an Eagle Scout!

Fun with Oobleck!

The kids had a blast experimenting with Oobleck today.  After reviewing the different forms of matter (solid, liquid, & gas) the students had the chance to get messy.  They noticed that Oobleck has some attributes of a solid but some of a liquid too. Check out their enthusiastic faces!

This was so much fun and it is super easy.  If you haven’t tried it before, it’s simple to try at home!


Materials Needed

  • 1 1/2 C. Corn Starch
  • 1 C. Water
  • Food Color (optional)

Mix the ingredients and allow children to play with the mixture. When”pushed” together, the mixture will appear dry and solid; as children let go of the mixture, it flows like a smooth liquid.