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Christmas Party!

Christmas Party Plans:

Because of the weather forecast for tomorrow, I want to let parents and students know alternative plans. If there is no school on Friday, December 19, our party be held on Friday, January 9 at 3:00-3:30.   Mrs. Reagan has asked that we move the parties to do this so that we are not holding a party on the Monday we return to school.  

**If there is school tomorrow, plans will go on as normal. The party will be from 3:00-3:30. 

At Home Reading

Our team of specialist teachers (Mrs. Bast, Reading; Mrs. Iwema, Reading, Mrs. Speidel, Speech/Language, Mrs. Sinke, Resource, and Mrs. Reifschneider, Resource), have set up a wonderful at-home reading program for your children to utilize.  The program, call Raz-Kids is an interactive reading program that allows children to pick books by their guided reading level.

Once you login, you go to the BOOKROOM where your child can pick a book by guided reading level.  Books can be read to the child (listen) or the child can read the book and get help with tricky words–when these words are clicked on the word is read to them! At the end of each book, children can take a quiz to check their comprehension.  We are hopeful that this site helps to make at home reading more interesting and interactive.

If you are unsure of the reading level, please check with your child’s teacher.  This site is designed for all levels of readers–on grade, struggling and advanced.

Your child’s teacher will send you the user name and password via email.  You will be logging in as a teacher because we do not have individual student accounts at this time.  This will be done based on your feedback of the site.

Please provide feedback on this site by submitting comments to our blog.

Mrs. Reagan

Six more days ’til break!

We had a great week! The first graders took on so many new roles this week. They are now recording morning calendar math in a notebook, logging in their reading connections into their reading notebook in the afternoon, and starting their study of the number four. They’re revising their stories and adding more and more and more and they went shopping on their own at Santa’s Secret Shop…yup, they’re big kids now! 🙂 Here is a closer look at what we worked on this week: December 12 Newsletter Take a look at some of our mathematicians at work with the number 4:

December 12 slideshow

Happy Holiday Season!

What a busy week!  I seem to say that a lot, but we are keeping busy at school!  This week we had a writing celebration, the music program, and popcorn/hat day (which I was wrong about, it is actually next week).  The kids have been doing such great work and I would love to share some of it with you.  If you get a chance, stop by school to check out their new stories outside our classroom and make sure to check out the slide show of this week’s events.


December 5 Newsletter

This week’s Slide Show

Holiday Music Program

Now that the Thanksgiving holiday is behind us, we have officially entered the holiday season! Our school will be kicking this off with our annual Holiday Music Program on December 4, 2008. This program is organized and arranged by Mrs. Bretz, our music teacher. She has been working with our students since early October to learn music pieces for this holiday celebration. We are renting Resurrection Life Church for this event. This church is located in Grandville (52nd Ave. and Ivanrest). Please enter off from 52nd Ave and enter through Door K. There is only one performance this year!

Students can be dropped off for the performance NO EARLIER than 6:30 pm. We ask this for safety and security reasons. There will not be supervision for children prior to 6:30, so it is critical that you follow these guidelines. Once you enter through Door K, there will be signs directing you to the correct room.

Grades 1,2 and 3 will be in the Choir Room. Grades PK, K, 4 & 5 will be in the Chapel Room.

Because the church has adequate seating for everyone, the children will be able to watch the performance from reserved seating! At the end of the event, they will be dismissed to their classrooms for parent pick up.

Please note that based on rental guidelines with Resurrection Life Church, we have been asked as a school community to follow these procedures outlined below. There were some facility use problems during our program last year, and I would like to outline the expectations so that all families are aware of the rental terms:

●The program will be video taped for all families. A DVD of this program will be available to families one week following the program. The fee for this DVD is $5.00. An order form is on the school blog and one is going home to Y/O on Tuesday.
●NO FOOD OR DRINK is allowed in the church.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the performance!